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Proposal 8: Prohibition Of Epidamnos Route Through Macedonia


The Epidamnos route cannot be traced through Macedonia.


Change the wording of Rule 7.1.3 (Epidamnos LOC):

If either side controls Epidamnos and can trace a path of controlled spaces, free of enemy Forces, from its home space to Epidamnos, add 1000 talents to that side's revenue each game turn that these conditions are met. The path may not pass through the Macedonia space.


I imagine that the Epidamnos rule is designed to stimulate interest in northwest Greece, where much of the historical maneuvering went on. But since the Athenians control Macedonia and Pela at the start of the game, they already have a route. If this overland route is outlawed, the Athenians will be forced to take cities in the northwest in order to open up a route, which is as it should be.


Mark Herman: This change is fine, the point is to open up a route to Northern Italy for its grain, which the Athenians needed. Eliminating the overland route is fine.

Chris Roginsky: I would disagree with this proposed rule change. From an historical perspective, Sparta's job is to disrupt Athenian commerce routes. While the line exists, there is interest in this part of Greece simply because Athens already has an open route that Sparta may wish to interdict, and Athens may want to stop Spartan interdiction attempts. If Macedonia does change sides, now Athens has an incentive to reopen the line or lose the extra talents, and Sparta may want to prevent the reopening of the line. Sparta can only play the spoiler here. Rarely will Sparta ever receive this income unless Athens is already at the threshold of defeat. (discussion group) (me)