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Proposal 5: Multiple Interception Derandomization


If multiple Forces are eligible to intercept, the non-moving player may decide which makes the attempt.


Change wording of Rule 4.6.2, middle paragraph:

An Army can be intercepted an unlimited number of times during the course of its movement, but never more than once per space. If more than one enemy Force is eligible to intercept the Army, the non-moving player selects which one conducts the interception attempt (the enemy Forces do not coordinate or add their strengths together).


As with shortest route calculations, replacing randomization with player choice makes the game faster and more enjoyable, without much effect on the outcome.


Mark Herman: This is fine in two player situations.

Chris Roginsky: If the players in a two-player game can choose whether or not to intercept, it seems a logical extension to allow the players to choose which space will attempt to intercept. (discussion group) (me)