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Proposal 3: Corinth-Cenchrae Interception


Interception between Corinth and Cenchrae is not automatic.


Change wording of Rule 4.1.2 (Corinthian Isthmus), deleting the last sentence, which made interception automatic between Corinth and Cenchrae.


Interception should not be automatic between these two spaces, since it's not even automatic when one army passes straight through another.


Mark Herman:The Corinth-Cenchrae auto intercept was to give Corinth its historical ability to bottle up the isthmus. I think it's a good rule, but if folks don't like it certainly modify it.

Brian Mountford: We could instead modify the rule so that interception is automatic in the Corinth and Cenchrae spaces themselves. My main objection is that a land Force in Corinth intercepts an Army in Cenchrae automatically, but must roll to intercept in its own space.

Chris Roginsky: I am not too sure about changing this rule. There must be some reason (either historic or play balance) that the designer chose to make this one exception. My guess would be to allow Corinth to act as a choke point to hamper Athenian land operations into Sparta. Historically, Athens' only chance of maintaining any land forces inside Sparta was to control a coastal fortress, and the likely means to get a land Army into a coastal fortress is to use naval transport. This rule sort of forces Athens into using her navy to invade Sparta. (discussion group) (me)