Peloponnesian War Rules Revision Project

Welcome to my Peloponnesian War Web site, devoted to the revision of the rules to the Victory Games classic, Peloponnesian War.

My New Rules, Third Attempt

I spent quite a bit of time trying to rework the original game into something more enjoyable, while retaining its unique aspects (unlimited movement, ravaging expeditions, and so on).

After I had finished, I began to hear rumors that Mark Herman himself was attempting to rework the game as either a computer or board game. I don't know what became of that, but now there is a block game about the war. So perhaps the window of opportunity for my version has passed.

However, if you are interested, check out my version. I like a lot of things about it, and though it still needs work, it's at the very least a great improvement on the original in terms of rule clarity. If you have any feedback, have questions, or want to try playing it, let me know.

These sections have not been modified.

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outstanding rules questions

proposed rules changes

To make it easier for people to discuss things, I have set up a Peloponnesian War e-mail discussion group. (discussion group) (me)


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