Vienna / Croatia

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Trieste, Italy

Miramare Palace, built by Maximilian of Hapsburg before his ill-fated decision to become emperor of Mexico.

Trieste in the distance.

Wait -- is that the dashing Duke of Aosta, pilot, aristocrat and officer, who lived in the palace with his wife and two daughters between the World Wars, before dying in a British prison in Nairobi in 1942?

Umag, Croatia (formerly Umago in Italian)

The mountain town of Grisnjan (formerly Grisignano)

Some of the many tiny cats of Dalmatia.

From the parking lot of Zigante Tartufi restaurant, looking toward the hill town of Motovun.

Carl had the white truffle pasta, and I the black. Both were excellent.

Tasting wine in Vodnjan (formerly Dignano). We found the winery after chatting with the loquacious chief inspector of the town, who happened to work with the winemaker at city hall. He told us, "My grandfather was in the Austrian army, my father was in the Italian army, I was in the Yugoslav army, and my son was in the Croatian army."

Pula, Croatia, old and new.