Vienna / Croatia

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

The church island, with Tito's summer villa on the left.

Ready for our journey to the island.

Click the photo for a video of the boatman at his task.

On the island, looking back at the castle and town.

Bled Castle

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The castle courtyard was being set up for a showing of a Hollywood movie.

The Triple Bridge in the center of town.

Listening to a three-piece street band.

Škocjan Cave, Slovenia. We couldn't take pictures on the tour, so you'll just have to imagine a path winding along the side of giant cavern and crossing a narrow bridge a hundred feet over a cascading underground river.

The landscape is riddled with sinkholes. The river emerges from underground on the other side of this sinkhole, goes over a waterfall under a natural arch, and returns underground here into Škocjan cave.

Climbing out of the sinkhole.