Vienna / Croatia

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KunstHausVien, designed by the idiosyncratic Friedensreich Hundertwasser, with an art gallery and a permanent exhibit about Hundertwasser.

The nearby Hundertwassershaus, a public housing project designed by the man himself.

Between Vienna and Graz is a thermal spa designed by Hundertwasser.

He had come up with a design for a suburban housing project, and the spa builder asked him to translate the project into a resort.

They are still hoping to build the snail building as a separate ultra-luxury resort.

Apparently, the builder met him, and said, "You have Wasser (water) in your name, and I'm in the business of water. We should talk."

On the roof.

Hundertwasser claimed that human feet are meant to tread on uneven floors.

Graz, Austria

A theater built in the old fortress, with the cannon casemates transformed into box seats.

Between the ground level and the clock tower, the elevator stops at a chapel and a performance space, both carved out of the hill.

Warning! Alien-infested art gallery!

Beyond these hills: Yugoslavia.