Vienna / Croatia

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Budapest, Hungary: Castle Hill.

The promenade on top of the entrance to the tunnel under Castle Hill is a gathering spot for disaffected youth, who were drinking, smoking and listening to the DJ and his portable sound system.

From Castle Hill, looking back toward Pest.

Danube cruise boats are the stretch Hummer limos of the river boat world.

The Terror House Museum, in the former secret police headquarters.

Taking a break from a hard day of interrogation, government functionaries stepped around the corner to Luk√°cs for some elegant cake and coffee.

The dance of death: A man holds a wooden pole with a robed skeleton, while the skeleton reaches out its arm to hold the man's head in its hand.

The State Opera House.

As featured in the fifth and final movie of Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle.

The oldest subway in continental Europe. Yes, it's all about Budapest.

Back to Castle Hill.

The nave of the church was destroyed in World War II.

The Hungarian Parliament building.

The Danube on our one stormy day.