Brazil 2008

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A lighthouse; I don't know why

Devil's Throat in the distance

The river has more water than can pass over the main falls, so there are dozens of other smaller waterfalls scattered about to take up the slack


In the middle of the falls there is an island (closed that day due to excessive water volume) -- the ultimate fantasy castle location

Good heavens: The fantasy castle island even has a little forest on top, and a green, grassy meadow -- makes me weep just to think about it

Looking across to the Brazilian side, with its elegant hotel

View from the Brazilian side

See the lighthouse in the distance on the right; I don't know why

The resourceful Coati

Looking toward Devil's Throat...

... and toward the rest of the falls

Did I mention that the fanstasy island comes with its own private cascading waterfall?

Looking downstream from a viewing platform built out over a pool between upper and lower sections of one of the falls; there's a gigantic waterfall 100 feet behind me, whose mist prevents taking a picture in any other direction