The Happy Prince is an hour-long, semi-staged chamber opera for two singers and orchestra, based on the Oscar Wilde story of the same name. I have orcestrated it both for full orchestra and for a reduced chamber ensemble.


Here's a PDF of the original story. The opera follows the text of the story closely, but with a few changes. In particular, the section in grey in the PDF has been cut, mainly for reasons of length.


My sister Diane and my friend Ching Chang have graciously helped me create a recording of the piece, singing along with my synthesizers. You can listen below; the piece is divided into 17 sections (click on a section name to see the full score). To cut to the big climax, start with "Then The Snow Came".

  1. Overture
  2. High Above The City
  3. One Night There Flew
  4. He Had Met Her
  5. All Day Long He Flew
  6. When I Was Alive
  7. The Poor House
  8. He Passed By
  9. The Distinguished Stranger March
  10. The Second Cataract
  11. The Garret
  12. The Harbour
  13. The Match-Girl
  14. Please Use Temporary Walkway
  15. Then The Snow Came
  16. The Mayor
  17. Two Most Precious Things

For files in additional formats, including sheet music for the chamber version and the piano/vocal reduction, and zip files of all movements, see this page.