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William Washington Stroud (1878-1955) and Harriet Fox (1881-1976)

WW as a young man

Harriet and Will's wedding

William Washington Stroud was the youngest brother of my grandmother, Ida Lena Stroud.

In 1900 census he lived with his first cousin William H. Stroud, next to his mother Rachel E. in Cement Township, OK, age 21.

On March 26, 1902 he filed homestead papers on the SE4 of section 8, township 14N, 9W, in Oak Township. He lived in Altona, OK, when claim was filed. Filed final papers on Oct. 3, 1908 with John D. Stice as a witness.


The upper picture was taken at the time of the marriage of WW Stroud and Harriet Matilda Fox, which took place on 28 Feb 1900, in Canadian County, OK.

The lower photo was at the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. Photos from Noreen Stroud, wife of Allen Stroud, grandson of Will and Harriet.

Harriet was the Registrar of voters in Oak Township. Founder of Center Grove Home Demonstration, and 4H Club.

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