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Ruth Elizabeth Mountford (1906-2000)

Young Ruth

Ruth Mountford

Ruth was born on September 20, 1906, on Harvey Avenue, East Liverpool, Ohio, in a house next door to the yet-to-be-built house which later became the family home at 2226 Harvey Avenue. She was the most sickly of the children, but outlived all except Alvin of her siblings. Her health was good enough to allow her a steady working career, although she fought a constant battle with "hay fever."

She worked as a decal girl at Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell, West Virginia, riding the streetcar (and later the bus) from her home in the East End of East Liverpool to the pottery in Newell. The habit of arising at the early hour required by this commute stayed with her throughout her retirement.

Ruth and her sister Dorothy never married, attributing their single life to "Papa wouldn't let us go to dances as young girls." They lived at home with their parents and, after the deaths of the parents, continued to live in the family home until after their retirement. In 1979 they moved to Columbiana, Ohio. Dorothy died in 1990, Ruth 10 years later.

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