Marble Mosaic Floor

These photos show the progress of the construction on a marble mosaic panel, designed for an outdoor porch at Joe and Janet Julian's home in Las Vegas.

Julie spent the first week of August with Sharon. They purchased the marble for the pattern areas in Coronado, borrowed Frank Grosely's diamond-blade saw in Poway, and began work in Canoga Park. Four other colored tile squares were purchased from a dealer in marble for home construction. Success in cutting these 12" square pieces into usable tesserae encouraged us to purchase the marble for the background in foot-square pieces as well.


day one

Day One: The black border, a few scrolls and the lizard were completed

day two

Day Two: The wave pattern outline of border

Day 3

Day Three: Birds, tendril and some grapes


Day Four: Urn and grapes and some background


last tendril

Day five

Day 5: Working on the last tendril. Pattern elements finished except for half of black rectangle -- more marble was ordered.


Julie left for San Jose on Tuesday. By Saturday, I had finished one edge of border and some of the background.

Saturday, a week later: about 1/2 of the background is completed.

Detail of one bird and an outer corner

Finished tesselation. Still to be cemented and inverted