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Christmas on Harvey Avenue (1913)

Christmas on Harvey Avenue

The five elder children of John Thomas Mountford and Elizabeth Oschmann pose with the Christmas tree and their new toys.
From left: Ruth, Dorothy, Alvin, Fred and Grace.

The portraits on the wall are Elizabeth Oschmann to the right and her grandmother Marie Wohlrabe Woche to the left. (There is some confusion as to the given name of the grandmother, but the grave marker gives her name as Marie C. Woche. Perhaps she had an additional name of Augustine, as Ruth labeled a photo of this portrait.)

The home was on Harvey Avenue, East End in East Liverpool, Ohio. There was no street address at that time, but it later became 2226 Harvey Avenue. Ruth and Dorothy, who never married, continued to live there for many years after their parents had died. The house has since been razed.

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