Cayman Islands

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Poincianas in Bodden Town

Seven Mile Beach; the Ritz Carlton was preparing for something festive in the evening

the completed castle, with palm frond bridges

a dragon (or perhaps a crab) had taken up residence in the outer wall

in the plane to Cayman Brac, passing over Rum Point with North Sound beyond

landing in Cayman Brac

hurricane-resistant house design

the bluff that runs around most of the island

The "Number One Shoe Store", where shoes that wash up on the beach find a home

our guide picking mangoes

Great Southern White butterfly

doing my best to take pictures of the butterflies

the end of the island

looking back at the bluff-top landscape

blow hole

relaxing on the porch of the tiny Cayman Brac Museum

Skull Cave

the skull from the inside

leaving Cayman Brac...

...passing by Little Cayman and some astounding cloud formations